Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Every Artist at Z Studio is placed within a performance-based pricing system. As a result, Z Studio is able to provide you with several options matched to your budget and needs, while providing a career path of growth and achievement for our Artistic Team.





The entire Z Studio Artistic Team participates in aggressive continuing education on a regular basis. From the moment an artist joins our team, they receive in-depth training as a part of our vision to provide guests with the best possible “Art of Hair” experience. 

Artists are placed in their pricing level based (first) upon the demand of their time and not necessarily their technical or creative abilities; each artist moves across pricing levels based on key career assessments including guest satisfaction, continuing education, guest retention and overall performance. 

Master Artists are the most in-demand members of our team. These individuals have excelled in all aspects of their career and have achieved top levels of performance at Z Studio.

Senior Artists are among our most in-demand members of the Artistic Team, and have achieved extraordinary results along their career path. These highly sought-after individuals have excelled in key assessments and are the leaders to our team of Artists and New Artists.

Artists are those members of the team who have achieved an excellent foundation with Z Studio and are working to continue to grow in all areas of our key assessments. Most commonly, their demand of time has not yet achieved Senior Artist status.

New Artists are members of our team who are new to Z Studio and learning the foundations of success as a member of the Z Studio Artistic Team. When first joining our team, New Artists assist Master Artists with each guest service. Each New Artist is mentored by one of our Senior Artists until they achieve the Artist level. New artists are selected to our Artistic Team based on previous experience, education, initiative and potential, and the result of an audition that measures aptitude of technical skills, color and cutting technique, and specialized skills.  

Regardless of the pricing level you choose for your first visit at Z Studio, we have full confidence in the ability of all of our artists, at all levels, to provide you with a great service, every time.

We know that guest satisfaction is a key ingredient to our long-term success; referrals and pre-booking another appointment are the ultimate gauges of that success. Following each appointment at Z Studio (when an e-mail address has been provided), guests are invited to participate in a survey about their experience. We encourage feedback and share our guests’ feedback with our team in a positive manner daily. And, when a guest loves the Artist and/or outcome of the service performed, we always appreciate the generous referrals of friends and family to Z Studio.

We also encourage our guests to complete a review of their visit. Reviews designated as “Demandforce Certified” are those completed only by actual guests, or certified clients of Z Studio. Those without a certification have not been verified as a guest who has received services from Z Studio.  

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