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Casandra joined Z Studio in late 2015 after nearly eight years of experience working for several major salon corporations. Born and raised in Michigan, Casandra moved to New Mexico where she started her family before moving to Tulsa.

“Everyone can remember their worst hair experience,” laughing as she tells the story, “for me, it was when I was 9 years old and had my hair cut all one length…to my ears. I still remember how devastated I was.”

As a result of her experiences and the inspiration by a close friend growing up, Casandra jumped into the world of cosmetology with a mission to help her guests find and create a look that they will love.

Casandra has participated in a number of continuing education programs, with a primary focus on cutting techniques. She is also participating in Z Studio’s continuing education program, staying on top of (and ready to deliver on) the latest trends.

“I’m at my best when I’m doing updos,” but Casandra admits she also loves using dry and razor cutting techniques. “I would love to have a guest sit in my chair and ask for their long hair to be cut into a dramatically shorter, trendy style,” she reveals. “It’s the ultimate test of trust for the guest, and the ultimate test of skill for me. And, I’m up for that kind of challenge!”

Traveling the world is a life-long dream of Casandra’s, and one that she and her husband share. They have an adorable curly, red-headed son. In her spare time, you might find Casandra and her family planning their next vacation or camping trip, or popping up a tent somewhere they’ve never been for an amazing weekend closer to nature and under the stars.

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